Obama’s Budget Plan: A “Kinder, Gentler” Corporatocracy

American society seems to have degenerated to the point that it resembles a massive factory floor, or plantation, rather than a sovereign country of free individuals. The extent of democracy is now limited to choosing who gets to be the foreman. The real bosses are far beyond the reach of, and accountability to, the American people.

America’s two competing political factions only differ on how much they are willing to openly exploit the workers in order to cater to their corporate masters. Where conservatives strive to win favor by imposing cuts on the workers with a complimentary kick in the teeth, the democrats prefer to take those that suffer aside, hand them a cold drink, and slip them a five dollar bill from the widows and orphans fund. You’re still screwed in the end, one just feels a little better.

Washington is no longer in charge. The political institutions do not administrate according to the will and benefit of the people; nor do they act as responsible stewards of the peoples wealth of natural resources. Our political establishment simply supervises the population as a labor force to be taxed, and manages the natural and human resources for the benefit of the corporations and financial institutions. Americans, and the product of their labor, have become nothing more than collateral against the debt accrued by those that get bailed out by the workers hard earned tax dollars.

Where conservatives seek to blatantly disempower the workers by attacking their collective bargaining rights, so that they can drive down wages and the cost of human resources and production (health care, social security, unemployment insurance, etc), the Democrats try to placate the workers in order to keep them happily producing for the corporations. It’s like two different business plans; One settles for moderate profits for the sake of volume and long term corporate profit, and the other seeks maximum quarterly profits with little concern for long term viability.

The conservative version of social Darwinism, fear based sociopathic self-centeredness, and ideological proclivities towards exclusivity, predisposes them to short-term profit hoarding. The Democrats tendencies to exercise their ability to empathize, by sharing the pain, while avoiding the ‘rocking of any boats,’ lead them to establish a system that spreads the misery out over a longer period of time in order to minimize the impact, but enable long term servitude.

Conservative methods will bring American society to the point of being a company town, the likes of the old coal mining towns, where the company owned everything from the citizen’s place of employment , to the shanties they lived in, to the general store they accrued more debt to the company at. For a chance at the possibility of maybe gaining the bosses favor, the conservatives will sell out their entire community with their justification that freedom equals every person for themselves.

The difference is the same as that of the brutal slave owner versus the supposed benevolent slave owner. One wields their authority with a whip and a club, and the other exploits their slaves with a few extra blankets, shoes for their feet, and an extra chicken for the pot every week. The end result is the same. A subservient work force maintained at the lowest possible cost.

Obama’s speech did nothing more than describe how the Democrats hoped to get the workers a couple more blankets, another chicken in the pot, and allow the elderly to stay on and live with their children rather than get sold off for glue. Anyone cheering needs to reassess the value they put on their own existence and the value of their birthright. Every American is an equal shareholder in the only corporation that should matter. The corporation of the citizens of the United States of America.

The corporation of the people of the United States of America has been the victim of a hostile take-over, and very few of them have even realized it. Most have been convinced to be happy with the blanket and the extra chicken. The Citizens United Supreme Court decision, of January 2010, simply added insult to injury. Using the factory floor analogy, the bosses have found a way to give themselves priority voting in the workers collective bargaining. Now, not only can Americans only hope to elect just their foreman, or steward, their votes for that foreman, and all the decisions that will effect their lives, are now devalued by the declared ‘personhood’ of the corporations that gives those corporations a heavily weighted vote in even that process.

The President’s speech was about as progressive as a parachute. It may slow your decent, but you are still going to hit rock bottom. Progressive should mean moving forward, as in progress, not moving backwards at a retarded pace. Until all corporate influence, lobbying, bribery, and corruption are completely purged from the system, there can be no progress. And, unless this is done, any politician that dares to call themselves a progressive should be smacked upside the head with a big wet sack of shut the hell up.

Everyone talks about how we can’t deal with the corporations this way but no one gives voice to what is the actual threat from the corporations. What will they do? What is the threat that they hold over everyones head? No jobs? That can’t be true, not if we own the resources. We can simply employ ourselves.

The corporations and financial houses have convinced Americans that the definition of the economy is how much money they make, and they threaten to withhold it unless Americans cooperate and do as their told. The part they leave out is that they make those profits off of the resources and labor of the American people. They rely on the American people, not the other way around. That’s the brilliance of their con. They are the proverbial tail wagging the dog.

Corporations have been profiting from the peoples natural resources and labor by simply claiming the right to do so have having it put into legislation. Their power is an illusion. It is based on a wealth that is based on the citizens and their natural resources. They pose no actual threat. An enlightened citizenry is their biggest nightmare. Our politicians have capitulated, or colluded, and would rather leave us relegated to wage slavery than lead the people in the battle for their emancipation.

This Fantastic Graphic discovered at Seizure By The Elites

Where, in Obama’s speech, was there any discussion of the Banks and the Wall Street financial houses that crashed the economy and are making record profits while we struggle over how to pay their debt? Where was there any mention of how we are going to stop, and reverse, the home foreclosures of millions of Americans by the very same banks and financial houses that raped our economy? Where was the discussion of ending the wars that he recognized as being unfunded, and bring home those troops, as well as the thousands stationed at America’s Imperialist bases around the globe?  Why is it that the only discussion that we are having is about how the workers of this country will pay for the grotesque profits of the wealthiest while trying to provide for their own basic needs?

If American’s ever woke up to realize that they are the Princes and Princesses of this country, rather than the serfs, the game would be up. Every American is an equal shareholder in the peoples corporation of the United States of America and all the capital that is its land and natural resources. These other corporate entities like General Electric, Wal-mart, Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve, Koch Industries, et al, are petty interlopers in comparison.

The President gave a good benevolent foreman’s speech. He did not speak as the most powerful leader in the world but as the representative of a valuable work force, and the chief steward of valuable natural resources, for those that are the de facto leaders of this country and the world. He did not give a ‘progressive’ speech. He offered the serfs a parachute.


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