Is the Left Pushing America to the Right?

When left-leaning American’s abandon their principles for what they believe is politically expedient, they inadvertently shift the center of the national political spectrum farther to the right. Even as many of the supposed American left criticize Obama and his administration for capitulating before negotiating, as a whole, they have done the same thing. Whether the goal has been to avoid conflict, appear to be the more mature party, or attempt to coerce the right into matching their sample, the result has been a dismal failure and the destruction of the dynamic necessary for a rational public conversation. By constantly tuning the middle into the new left, the resulting new middles keeps moving farther to the lunatic fringe of the right.

Not since the national psychosis experienced during the ‘Red Scare’ days of the early 50’s has the ‘main stream’ of public debate entertained so much wing-nutery. Granted, there’s always been a fair number of nuts, bigots, idiots, psychos, and jack-asses sent to legislatures across the country, as well as DC, perhaps for no other purpose than to represent the nuts, bigots, idiots, psychos, and jack-asses in their constituency, but the imbalance that seems to have been created by an apathetic left has provided fertile ground for some asshats of legendary proportions to be entertained as serious contenders for positions of leadership.

When words such as presidential, focused, masterful, impressive, and intelligent are being used to describe Michele Bachmann, we either have a serious misunderstanding of their meanings, or the meanings of these words have been seriously distorted by relativism. If Michele Bachmann can be considered relatively intelligent compared to politicians as a whole, let alone potentially presidential, there’s no wonder that the economy is in the shitter, new wars are popping up faster than political sex scandals, Republicans are hiring comedians to imitate the president and tell black jokes to white people, and more laws are being proposed to limit womens reproductive rights and govern who’s allowed to love whom than are being proposed to govern the banks that just finished robbing the citizens of trillions of dollars. No matter how hard the corporate controlled main stream media strains to present these characters, and the games they play, as credible, the truth of their professional incompetence, and personal disorders, are difficult to ignore.

By abdicating their responsibility to fight for their fundamental principles, the left has allowed the lunatic fringe of the right to multiply within the political arena like vermin without any natural predators. Kurt Vonnegut made the astute observation that American politics has become the perfect sanctuary for sociopaths. This is true. And, left unchecked, that narcissism, and callous disregard for the rights and welfare of others that we’ve come to expect from politicians, has combined with the lunacy of religious fundamentalism, bigotry, xenophobic nationalism, and a general lack of critical thinking skills, so that those politicians and political movements that used to provide comic relief have now become potentially dangerous threats to the freedom and liberty of the country.

Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Rick ‘the santorum‘ Santorum, could all be mentioned rather than picking only on poor Michele Bachmann. In fact, the list could quickly grow to depressing dimensions. The rest of the world mustn’t know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand, it’s hilarious that Americans are actually considering these mental midgets as potentials for the office of president; on the other, it must scare the crap out of them that one of these unstable fools could end up with their finger on the button.

When Sarah was chosen as McCain’s running mate there must have been millions of sphincters simultaneously contracting around the planet. He’s old, she’s crazy, WTF are the Yankees thinking? No wonder there was global celebration when Obama won. Maybe that’s why he won the Nobel prize too. Maybe it had nothing to do with him or his accomplishments. It would explain why he won it when he’d barely even become president. Perhaps it could have gone to anyone that kept that fanatical Christian nationalist from Wasilla from being one aging heart-beat away from the presidency.

So, perhaps the left isn’t ‘pushing’ the country to the right, but it isn’t doing much to stop the slide either. Capitulating to difficult people may seem like it creates peace, but that peace is short-lived, and comes at a terrible cost. Like parents who acquiesce to misbehavior, it may seem easier at the moment but the price of not checking those behaviors will come back to haunt in years to come. This seems to be where (what there is of) the left in American finds itself now. It’s come time to do the really hard uphill work because the easier, though more tedious, work wasn’t done before.

There’s no use whining about how much work it’s going to be. There’s no use complaining about how dug-in they are, and how hard it will be to get them out. There’s no use complaining about the mountain of legislation, budgetary malfeasance, and corporate and financial deregulation that will have to be corrected. It was allowed to happen. This goes the same for within the Democrat as well. There’s enough ‘blue dogs’ in the supposed party of the left (center-right is much more accurate) to start a kennel, and Obama has more Wall Street Banksters on his cabinet than Newt Gingrich has ethical inconsistencies.

It’s time to forget parties and get get reacquainted with principles. Even with a Democrat executive branch, as well as Senate, Americans are faced with more numerous and expanding wars, an increase in the number of people without access to affordable health care, continued erosion of individual rights and liberties through the enhanced Patriot Act, and a new budget with austerity measures that will devastate the working class while the richest 1% will get even richer. There is no ‘left’ in America’s institutionalized politics.

Now, like the parents of an 18 year old that is about to throw their lives away because they weren’t given the guidance when they needed it, it’s time to get down to doing the job that needs to be done for the good of everyone involved. Better late than never. No half measures. No more compromises. It’s reached a crisis point and it’s time to act.

It’s not just an anti-GOP platform that is needed. That’s what the Democrats have been counting on. Being better than a worse option is not good enough. A platform based on principles must be established and pursued. Not watered down and compromised. Single payer health care; access to an affordable quality education for all; an end to neo-colonialism and unjust foreign wars; the exclusion of corporate influence in politics and the end to corporate person-hood; policies that respect social, economic, and environmental justice; and the establishment of a fair, progressive system of taxation, rather than austerity measures. These are achievable goals.

It’s time to get down to work. If you’re prepared to do what needs to be done, and support the effort to bring about these needed changes, visit the October2011 campaign and offer your participation and/or support for the actions that have been planned.


23 Responses to Is the Left Pushing America to the Right?

  1. novenator June 20, 2011 at 2:04 pm


  2. WuxRoo June 20, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Oh wow you hav to admit that is like really cool!

  3. mike kuznar June 20, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    This article and the videos from RT made me appreciate the fact that I’m a republican. Sorry guys. Fail. Making fun of christians getting together for prayer? Do you make fun of Muslims????!!?!?!? NOOOOOOO that would be politically incorrect. Well goodnight, I’m going to bed, where I will pray to god for a good day tomorrow because I’m a “simpleton christian”

    Kiss my ass

    • mike kuznar June 20, 2011 at 7:51 pm

      See to me, you liberal jackass, you’re the bigot you just made fun of my culture, christianity. I see you as the bigot. Because that’s what you are.

    • antifa_action June 21, 2011 at 9:16 am

      Religions of any kind get equal treatment. They are specious nonsense and prayer to an imaginary friend in the sky should not be offered by government as any sort of solution. Christian, Muslim, or any other. They are all the same. You have your right to believe them, if that’s what you need to deal with the real world, but none of them should be part of the public sphere or government, especially when there are well over 20,000,000 atheists in America. Whether Sharia or Christian theocracy, it’s all the same… nonsense and silliness. Santa Claus for grown up children. It simply demonstrates fear, ignorance, impotence, and inability to do anything real, rational, or meaningful to solve the problems that we face. It’s only one step away from offering sacrifices and it’s all just very elaborate superstition.

      • WASP June 22, 2011 at 8:58 am

        This is why people are sick of atheists. They engage in fallicious reasoning as if it were fact when it’s just their own sick narcissism.

        Atheists invoke infantilism as an argument so often that they don’t even realize it is classifed as fallicious reasoning or understand its ramifications to argumentation theory as your own post reveals.

        The typical atheist is an unregenerate naive male consumed by ego who saw his hero Dawkins make this error and so thinks it’s OK or scientific. It’s not.

  4. rougy June 20, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Yeah, sure, Liam.

    Thank heavens we have earth moving writers like you to fill in the void.

    Yup, without you sitting there on your butt, pontificating about what the left should or shouldn’t do, we’d all be lost.

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  6. Wayne June 20, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Liam,

    I agree with most of what you share in this article, namely that Democrats do not have a spine and Republicans do not have a soul, but your presentation of this truth needs a lot of work. Your writing is just plain awful, and your logic many times does not follow. Writing about politics isn’t just something you should wake up one day and decide to do. I mean this in the most constructive sense, and hope you continue to share your ideas on your blog.

  7. Chloeaustin June 20, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Yep, Reagan would be a liberal extremist today,… well at least to the Republicans.

  8. Seiranikon June 20, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    Absolutely incorrect. If Reagan ran tomorrow these progressives would scream that he was a right-wing extremist. And most on the right are looking for someone like Reagan.

    • antifa_action June 21, 2011 at 8:48 am

      Not according to their polls. Their polls put Romney in the lead, which means they are looking for someone like Obama lol (or someone that can beat Obama on behalf of their team, even if they don’t agree with him… what does that say about principles in politics and the choices Americans have)… except Romney is more like a cardboard cut-out of Obama, you know, the kind that you can change out the clothes on to fit with whichever new flip-flop he happens to be championing at the moment for political expediency.

      If you look at the last 40 years they all seem pretty much the same. Everything has been on the same downward spiral as the corporations have gained more control. The only changes Americans have seen is from bad to worse. Unless people break with the parties, as the article says, and start fighting for basic fundamental principles, rather than one team against the other, it will just be more of the same.
      300,000,000 people with only 2 parties that serve just one master, money. Americans get to pick who will manage and control them on behalf of Big business, Big oil, and Big finance.
      Your system is screwed. All Americans, Right, Left, and Center should be out at the capitol in October. You could probably work out all your differences, real and perceived, better than the jokers you’ve sent there to supposedly represent you.
      If becomes a partisan rally, Dem or GOP, Obama V whomever… then you’re all truly F__ked in the head. Screw the parties. They’ve allowed themselves to become corrupted within a corrupt system. The people, and their rights, and their needs, are all the platform that is needed. The politicians you elected are already spending all their time worrying about everything but that.

  9. Owenbrein June 20, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Read again, please… the poster said that “to the REPUBLICANS” (at least the teabaggers) Reagan would be considered a liberal extremist.

    His tax policy especially.

  10. Jadansara June 20, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Once again, in a sea of ignorance its nice to see someone with an intellectual comment.

  11. GF June 21, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Really? You have helped elect the worst President in modern times and you want me to take you seriously?

    • antifa_action June 21, 2011 at 8:18 am

      Did someone here vote for Bush?

  12. GovTogether June 21, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Is it possible to stop worrying about whether someone is on the “left” or “right”? Or if they’re a republican or democrat? Is anyone else sick of the name-calling already?

    Whatever happened to listening to the one with the best ideas? Can we possibly get back to that or are we forever obsessed with labels now?

    We should all be persuing the best ideas, regardless of WHO are WHERE those ideas come from. We all need to work TOGETHER. After all, aren’t we the UNITED States of America?

    We should all be able to have a say on individual issues, as well as a vote of whether we approve of something or not. Leave it up to those in charge and collapse will come (hasn’t it already?)

    Visit our website if you like the ideas expressed here, and maybe cast a vote while you’re there. We want to fix this country.

  13. Mark Zellers June 21, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    It all depends on whether you think that compromise, to prevent more reactionary outcomes is better than standing firm and, by not engaging constructively, allowing the conservatives to pull even further to the right.

    On any given day/issue I could probably argue either way. If you hold out for single payer, do you get anything at all? I don’t think the R’s would have compromised to where we are now. Do you risk losing moderates in Congress that would have held the line against privatizing Medicare in the hope of someday getting a single payer system?

    Is it better to eek out a win on our side of the left/right chasm and start moving the discussion toward the left, or let the far right have their way so that the country understands just how bad their policy choices are for the average American?

    In our role as responsible adults, we don’t want the right to make matters even worse than they are, and thus are forced to compromise. The reactionary/libertarian/anarchist types on the right don’t care whether government works or not. In fact they would prefer it didn’t, so they have nothing to lose.

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  15. Chloeaustin June 23, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Is it possible to stop worrying about whether someone is on the “left” or “right”? Or if they’re a republican or democrat? Is anyone else sick of the name-calling already?

    Whatever happened to listening to the one with the best ideas? Can we possibly get back to that or are we forever obsessed with labels now?

    We should all be persuing the best ideas, regardless of WHO are WHERE those ideas come from. We all need to work TOGETHER. After all, aren’t we the UNITED States of America?

    We should all be able to have a say on individual issues, as well as a vote of whether we approve of something or not. Leave it up to those in charge and collapse will come (hasn’t it already?)

    Visit our website if you like the ideas expressed here, and maybe cast a vote while you’re there. We want to fix this country.

  16. Seiranikon June 23, 2011 at 2:22 am

    About 30 years ago, the religious right decided, after futile attempts to affect policy by creating their own power center, that it would be easier to take over an existing Political Party instead & that is exactly what they did.

    With the help of Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party ceased to be the moderate-to-conservative entity that it once was, one that was truly interested in governance through dialog, compromise & a patriotic embrace of our system into what we see today.

    A bunch of close-minded, dogmatic ideologues & degenerate, crackpot teabaggers who are closer to the “Party of Lincoln ROCKWELL” than the “Party of LINCOLN”.

    They got their way.

    Isn’t it time that the LIBERALS in the Democratic Party took a few moves from the “moral” majority’s playbook, get involved at the grass roots of our Party & re-take it so that it might stand for the ideals & values that WE hold, back to the Party of Thomas Paine & FDR??

    Don’t like the way the BlueDogs betrayed us?

    Get involved at the primary level & get rid of them there… don’t just say that you’ll “vote third party” or register as an “Independent” ..because you lose your influence when you do that… once they are on the ticket.. it’s already too late… & STOP empowering the ‘baggers & their GOP lackeys by hoisting up their putrid standards & allowing them to divide us.

    Stand up for what we can be, & GET INVOLVED!

  17. Owenbrein June 23, 2011 at 2:24 am

    Don’t you think its sad that the conservatives are the ones that are looked at as the “moral” party? I mean sad in a way that if the republicans are the “moral” ones, what exactly does that say about liberals?

  18. Jadansara June 23, 2011 at 2:27 am

    They only look upon themselves that way… and their “base” confuse “morals” with “religion”.

    Those with enough smarts (the ones who aren’t so lazy as to just regurgitate the ‘party line’ as dictated by their demagogues-du-jour realize all too well that the gop’s ‘morality’ doesn’t exist.

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