We End Up Together

By Kenneth Lipp

Hello, gentle citizens. I’m returning from a long hiatus from News Junkie Post contribution — for which I am remiss — and intend to deliver an unpopular parcel: a reality check. Before I ask you to sign for your delivery, just so we’re clear: when I say “they” or “them,” the ubiquitous cabal pronoun, I am referring to the relatively few corporate and para-governmental entities that profit from global capitalism. No need to conjure images of pinstriped villains in remote convention; “they” that have an interest in maintaining their historical relationship with the large masses of have-nots can be assumed to engage in active political, cultural, and social exertions to keep things the way they are. A “NWO,” or whatever you like, in any formally incorporated sense, is a poorly evidenced and frankly unnecessary abstraction. “They” don’t have to meet in secret, they’ve arranged things so that they have most of the stuff and the guns. Compound conspiracy scenarios waste energy while egregiously violating Occam’s razor; the rich are in charge, and those who have the most augment their holdings at the expense of those who have the least. That, gentle citizens, is the only trickle-down I would allow you to expect. The poor will feel the sting of greed.

OK, now. Nay-saying out of the way, back to my rabble-rousing attempt at public elucidation: I make this assertion categorically, that “they,” with the sanctioned enforcement of State agency, are spying on you, and everyone else, in an attempt to subvert dissent and insure productive consumption. And as long as we can consume, we allow ourselves to believe that our interests are being attended. That’s right. Unfortunately we do not have the cavalier luxury of overt oppression.

We in the West invite government to obviate its responsibility as proxy agent for the people it claims to represent. With only slight trepidation, I am willing to posit that every member of both houses of Congress should be subject to impeachment for abdication of their sworn Article 1 duties.

It was not long ago that I would have considered the rhetoric I myself now spew: a symptom of fringe, groundless political hallucinations. The idea of our Republic as in essence a terrorist media State would have struck me as fantastic and insupportable. Then, not long ago, I started to pay attention, to do my own research, “borrow” my own original sources, and what has ensued has been revelatory and horrifying.

This can be an awkward banner to fly. Americans, as the Romans in their own crumbling Empire, are leery of and often often hostile to “radical” socio-political viewpoints, preferring the wine and the Colosseum, anesthesia, to the Truth that we all have been relegated to an earnestly subsidized human pastoral, livestock, for centuries. I will not live on my hands and knees, nor will I stand by and allow my brothers and sisters to be strangled to death by an ancient and evil misapprehension.

It is my intention that this be a regular column, dedicated to lucid exposition of information, written as a service, as a duty. The research I am doing daily uncovers enough to fill an academic volume with chilling documentation of the US government’s mendacity. I do not care if it is upsetting, I refuse to be sensitive to political nuance; if it can be destroyed by the truth, it should be.

Every generation does seem to have its own revolution, movements that become fashion, then passe, without effectuating anything but superficial culture change. However, gentle citizens, we find ourselves at quite an epoch, one that presents us with a lethal yet unwieldy implement: the Internet. The Web levels the odds and allows us a seat at the table, but we should be wary that the transparency is not exclusive. The monster stares back. This summer’s mercurial rise has been reflected in the countenance of a people finally alight with rage, with incendiary determination from being too long and too often scorched by greed and deranged neglect on the part of people and institutions ostensibly in their communal employ.

The recklessness of the government’s man-handling of its citizens’ present resources and future well-being has embroiled the nation to a critical mass. The last minute repeated deferral of abject fiscal responsibility only serves to expose the vanity of a massive conceit. Nothing is resolved, no challenge surmounted. All is not well, and none should extinguish their fires. Burn, gentle citizens, let your flames rise to the ore. With a reason-cast mold we’ll brave our own future, shape our own world to bequeath gentler children. The time has long come for this crucible to crack.

Before I started with the shameless pedantry, I mentioned that this was the first in a series of correspondence, so here is the plan, yes, a plan, my good friends: we must first stand and look squarely at this fine mess we’re in. The US government is in the process of creating a data system to ID, link, and track the whole populace. The FBI, NSA, DHS, DoD, the ATF, etc., of course have been compiling massive stores of data since their respective conceptions, including all manner of surveillance, as well as fingerprints: the granddad of biometrics.

It’s been approximately 14 years since the FBI began amassing a database of all its “concerns,” sampling, reading, and storing human DNA. Facebook can recognize your smile from your mother’s, and cameras placed hundreds of feet from their subjects are equipped with pattern-recognizing software so adaptive they can discern from the way a shirt drapes on a torso the fidelity of an identification.

Ironically, for the great majority of US residents, a stakeout is drastic overkill. We race to distribute our personal information throughout the social media, and now have especially availed other parties of its clandestine use by signing up with Google + plus to ensure uniform access.

So this first entry has an axiom attached that I want you to think hard about, rather than immediately accept or reject: be frugal with your data as you flit about the interwebs, for the danger of exposure and subjection is not in revealing some secret number or privileged detail. What the government is building amounts to a systemic AI, and adaptive distributed networks of sensing/responsive nodes; the brain of the Internet is a dynamic swarm. This is the new face of zero and one, and I hope you really will join me on this adventure of an explanation.

I will be spending the rest of this year on the road, following crescendos of malcontent and hope. I’ll be on Wall Street on September 17 for the US Day of Rage, and will be packing a tent to camp on October 6 in Freedom Plaza. I want you to be with me, and I promise a good story.
I have no predictions yet as to the nature or proximity of this impending impasse. But soon we will find out if we will indeed stand, and then, eye to barrel with other victims of a history long lie, it will become clear exactly how many legs we are credited. I love attention, and for you, I will bleed to the end. See you in a few days.

We end up together.

Editor’s Note: Kenneth Lipp is a researcher in both primate and human genetics, and writes regularly on issues of public health and international health-care policy. He has published research on telomere attrition and cellular aging in various peer-reviewed publications and is an avid advocate of human rights.


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