DHS Warning about Anonymous, US Day of Rage, and “Occupy Wall Street”

An article published today in Computer World reports on a relatively unusual bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center warning financial institutions about risks of attack, surrounding the planned September 17th protest “Occupy Wall Street.”  The article author claims that “Anonymous” has been using twitter to solicit assistance from disgruntled financial institution employees, to then exploit to damage those institutions. I can’t confirm or deny that claim. I will say that in my experience in observing Anonymous that if they want your password, they’ll give it to you.

The most likely case is that overt criticism is being characterized as conspiracy, as part of the sickening trend wherein dissent is being labeled “terrorism.”

I have been unable to access the DHS report, but according to the Computing World article one would gain the impression of a single corporate organization, which in fact is being misrepresented and  constitutes at least three separate and unaffiliated entities. “OccupyWallStreet” “USDayofRage” and Anonymous are all autonomous bodies, sharing neither explicit creed nor operational structure.

I asked OccupyWallStreet for any comment they cared to give; it is important now that representation of all of these movements avoid the misapprehension being encouraged by their adversary agencies. Their response: 

“OCCUPYWALLSTREET will be an absolutely nonviolent event, safe for all people of all ages. Our goal is initiate a peaceful rejuvenation of democracy in America. If we are dispersed from Wall Street, we will simply return to nonviolently re-occupy the space. This is an opportunity for all Americans, on the right and the left, to speak out against the financial capture of our democracy.”

I was also fortunate enough to speak with Alexa O’Brien, a journalist and social/political activist who is one of many helping to organize the USDayofRage (USDOR). I asked her if she could explain USDOR’s association with Anonymous.

None,” says Alexa, “USDOR is an organization started by no one, to help neutralize the sophist quasi-poetic masturbation of our rotten republic’s political discourse. The corruption of election processes, especially campaign finance regulation, has usurped the primacy of the democratic process.” Alexa emphasized the key role which finance plays in obviating effective popular representation several times, outlining USDOR’s philosophy as “One Citizen, One Dollar, One Vote.”  Regarding Anonymous and their reciprocal support, she says: “I would almost prefer no comment. We have no organizational ties with Anonymous-we support informed autonomous action by individual citizens.”

I want to join Alexa in encouraging everyone to “disengage from the political peer-pressure.” The US Day of Rage is about the manifestation of the crucible cracked and the long-building pressure spilling human onto the street – Wall Street. Plans to occupy are based on an assertion of the right to non-violent protest and the obligation to engage in civil disobedience, when the laws represent the interests of the powerful and effect the suffering and enslavement of people to a lie.

OccupyWallStreet’s Tactical Committee meets tomorrow to continue to ossify plans for September 17th. Their goal is enabling people to exercise their right to protest safely without fear of reprisal, and they have received the support and assistance of The People’s Law Collective  toward that end.

I encourage you to follow the USDOROccupyWallStreet,  and Alexa’s twitter accounts for updated information.

Editor’s Note: Kenneth Lipp is a researcher in both primate and human genetics, and writes regularly on issues of public health and international health care policy. He has published research on telomere attrition and cellular aging in various peer-reviewed publications, and is an avid advocate of human rights.



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