Occupy and The Mayan Calendar: Will 2012 Be the Year of a Global Revolution?

Various prophecies of doom and gloom or even of  an Apocalypse have been linked to calendar year 2012. An Apocalypse ( Greek etymology: “lifting the veil” or “revelation”) is often wrongly viewed as the end of all things, but of course the very etymology of the word contradicts this notion. As a powerful revelation, an Apocalypse is a universal moment of truth, a quantum leap into uncharted territories. It appears, that the world at large has already entered this unique phase in human history.

Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012

In this regard, this Tsunami wave of truth sweeping the world, is already in the works today lifting the veil on the misconceptions and falsehoods of our era dominated by violence, greed and the relentless quest for more power by the political, financial or corporate elite. The Mayans did not see the fateful date of  December 21, 2012 as “the end of the world”, but, instead, they perceived it as a time of transition from one world age into another. The core message of the Mayans concerned our ability to make a choice, and either embrace bravely this new future or try to hold on to the past and face potential dreadful consequences. According to the Mayans, our resistance or acceptance of this paradigm shift could determine if the transition happens with chaos and violent cataclysmic changes or instead with peace and tranquility.

“Many people have an intuitive sense that the end of the Mayan calendar will bring a shift in consciousness. Yet, it is rarely clearly stated or explained exactly what is the source of such a shift, how it will happen or what would be its nature,” Wrote Carl Johan Calleman in March 2010. Dr. Calleman has a PHD in physical biology from the University of Stockholm, and currently teaches at the International Metaphysical University.

Dr. Calleman argued that for the “shift of consciousness” to be successful, a massive participation is required. “Initially, there will be a great need for people to take initiatives to disseminate the call for the Conscious Convergence around the world,” wrote Calleman.

Occupy: Catalyst of a Global Consciousness Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift described by Calleman as either shift of consciousness or Conscious Convergence is already on its way. The train of history has “left the station”, and, as a matter of fact, it is a bullet train. This paradigm shift of  global human history started in the Spring of 2011 in the Arab word. First, it was Tunisia, then it quickly moved to Egypt and the rest the Middle-East in countries such as Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria in a rapid domino effect. Most of the so called “experts” and “analysts” of Middle-East affairs and entire governments were completely caught by surprise. However, the chain of events of the Arab revolution was highly predictable without referring to either the Mayan prophecy or other crystal balls. At our modest publication, Liam Fox and myself wrote about it from the very start.

Since the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement has shown a remarkable adaptability and resilience, and it is now becoming viral. It has caught on in Western Europe, in Greece, the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. But more importantly, it is now a force to be reckoned with in the bastion of imperialism: the United States of America. The main reason why the Occupy movement is getting so much traction in the United States is that nearly one in two Americans-according to new US Census Bureau figures- have fallen into poverty or are struggling to live on low income.

“The record number of people in the United States who are falling into poverty is a human rights crisis, one that demonstrates the painful consequences of the US government’s failure to recognize economic, social and cultural rights as fundamental rights. The international community-with the United States playing a leading role-recognized in adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, that human beings can only achieve freedom from fear and want, as well as freedom of speech and belief, if conditions are created whereby all people can enjoy all human rights,” said Amnesty International’s Demand Dignity Campaign Director Tanuka Loho on December 15, 2011.

The Occupy paradigm shift is not a supernatural “meant to happen” force or strange astrological phenomenon, but instead it is a prosaic movement grounded in some simple principles such as fairness, equality and social justice. It has its foundation in the conviction that  99 percent of the world population should be controlling resources and managing their own affairs instead of  letting 1 percent of it run the world in such an unsustainable way that they are joyfully taking us to an abyss.

The Occupy paradigm shift is a Tsunami wave of change, coming from millions of people across the planet. In the past week, it has reached Russia, and the Occupy movement will certainly put China and India promptly on their “to do list”. The tyrants, the dictators, the oligarchs, the Illuminati, and the “masters of the universe” of the financial world have been put on notice by the 99 percent. If they resist, the Tsunami wave of the Occupy movement will eventually topple them or fully degrade their power and wealth. It is just a question of time, and after all there is a full year left before the end of the Mayan calendar. Remember the empty promises of “hope and change” made in 2008 by the current CEO/PR person of  America Empire Inc.? The Global Occupy movement is probably our best hope, not as the 99 percent but as human beings, to resolutely change our course and promote a world where a “Dog eat Dog” culture does not prevail. A way of life that is based on fairness, justice and on the respect of the Universal Declaration of  Human Rights.




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