Gilbert Mercier on RT: US Policy on Syria Is Incoherent

On the occasion of the kidnapping of Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva, News Junkie Post Editor in Chief Gilbert Mercier was asked to share his thoughts with Russia Today International about Syria’s Civil War. What Mercier had to say about the United States’ bungling in Syria does not bode well for the region in general or for any party: especially not the Alawites.



According to Mercier, the “Al-Nusra group… has just been made by Washington DC a terrorist organization that has ties with Al Qaeda in Iraq…. William Burns, representing the Obama administration in Morocco, has picked Sheik [Ahmad Moaz] Al-Khatib as the representative of the opposition, but the Sheik has made the statement that Al-Nusra shouldn’t be considered a terrorist organization. So they’re dealing with one person, but there’s no unity in that opposition…. neither Washington nor Paris know exactly who they are backing and what’s going on.

“A couple of days ago, more than 100 Alawites, the sect of Assad, were executed. And what we’re going to have potentially on our hands in Syria is the genocide of potentially a million Alawites…. once the Sunni start persecuting Alawites and Shiites in Syria, then there will be repercussions in Iraq and in Lebanon.”

Editor’s Note: Photograph by Mike Blacktoviche.




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