If Bernie Sanders Is Real, He Will Run as an Independent

As of late I have not been particularly kind to Senator Sanders‘ ability or even intentions to truly fight for what desperately must be done to salvage a vague sense that democracy is not a complete illusion in the United States of America. Early on, when he threw his hat into the election circus ring, we made proper official interview requests to the Senator from Vermont through his Senate staff, and were never granted the courtesy of any sort of response. In several columns we have called him an “Hillary Clinton seat warmer” a “limp candidate” and other unflattering names. As the primary charade is about to end, Bernie Sanders still has a chance to not let his many supporters completely down. Sanders still can be a real contender, but the window of opportunity is closing extremely quickly.

I have a bit of a history with Bernie Sanders and what we thought should have been his bid for the White House back in 2012 to challenge the Clintonite compromised administration of Barack Obama. Indeed we called on what was then a still vibrant Occupy movement to urge Sanders for a run. While Occupy was getting hijacked by pseudo progressives Democratic party operatives, with eminence grise George Soros financing and pulling the strings, our urgent calls fell on deaf ears. The idea was simple: constitute an independent political force combining left and libertarian. At the time, we floated the notion of a ticket Sanders/Paul, as of Ron Paul.

Feel the Bern?

As far as the Democratic Party nomination, let’s face it, it is already a done deal, and as we argue in “Imperial Elections,” it was always Hillary Clinton’s  turn. It would be absurd, for example, to think that Bernie Sanders could win the key state of California from Clinton. The power brokers of the Hollywood machine, and their immense wealth and influence will make sure it doesn’t happen. The likes of Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand will “be with her,” as their sociological economic allegiance doesn’t make them much inclined to “feel the Bern.” From time to time, in front of his devoted supporters, Sanders appears to have the political fire of a leader: the ability for a much needed Pit-Bull spirit. Unfortunately, on many other occasions a strange wimpy side of the Senator has percolated.

It was notably the case when he was the guest on Charlie Rose’s show. Rose was clearly in charge, projecting his usual vaguely threatening condescending arrogant confidence on Sanders, including in his dominating forward body language while Sanders was defensively backing away. It was civil of course, but in a psychological and  body language power stand point, Charlie was the predator and Bernie the prey. Sanders was just plainly too mild mannered and nice with the borderline nasty interviewer. A bigger mistake was to say that he considered both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be friends. Mr Sanders, Hillary Clinton is neither your friend nor the friend of democracy. If you cannot be rude, nasty and ruthless  on occasion and therefore put Charlie Rose in his rightful  place, how can you possibly postulate to the Oval Office? Signs of weakness are never a good option in the trenches of politics, and from time to time Mr. Sanders must project the clear notion that he can himself, and it cannot be done just through surrogates, go to the jugular with the determination displayed by Pit-Bulls in a dog fight. Can respectable Senator Sanders make his political enemies feel the bite?

Sanders supporters will decide the election outcome

Sanders’ power resides in his supporters. Many have been attacking Hillary Clinton with panache. This is helpful but it should be cranked up a few notches by Sanders’ official campaign. For example, the borderline fraudulent or at least opaque financial activities of the Clinton money machine are under intense scrutiny mainly under the impulse of well respected US financial analyst Charles Ortel who is focusing on potential tax fraud  of the Clinton Foundation. A vast amount of money is also allegedly flowing to the Clinton war chest from overseas in what could to be a US political investment of Saudi royals and Qatari sheiks.


Needless to say, Wall Street and especially Goldman Sachs will keep pouring money, openly or not, to insure that their good friend Hillary Clinton is (s)elected. Cash translates into air time on US mainstream media, and that means that if Sanders doesn’t want to get steamrolled, his campaign management must find some very deep pockets to counterbalance the hundreds of millions of Clinton and Trump. That is of course if Bernie Sanders is sincere about winning the election, and run as an independent. Time will tell if Sanders has made a deal with the Clintons. Regardless of where their candidate stands when the dust of the phony primaries settles, the swing vote will belong to his supporters.

Possible case scenarios

Short of a strong left and libertarian ticket led by Sanders, the US election outcome will be a disaster not only for US citizens but globally. Political analysts are making projections that Sanders’ voting block, which is substantial, will not go to Clinton. That is of course if Sanders as part of the fake left, do the unthinkable and endorse Hillary or even worse run on the Clinton ticket as VP. A large chunk could go to Donald Trump. Ultimately, what any serious analyst should extrapolate  is that the Sanders vote will largely boycott the imperial election. While we are running scenarios, let’s pretend for a moment that Mr. Trump is actually a real candidate trying to win. Immediately the question becomes: who will run Trump?

The answer is disgustingly clear, all it takes is to go back 36 years ago when the GOP headed by the Bush clan found their perfect cardboard cutout candidate in the person of Ronald Reagan. Times have changed, Ronald was pleasant didn’t snarl and had good hair. In appearance “The Donald” is the antithesis of Reagan, but, if elected, he will do as he is told. This will not take place in public, but he will be conveyed to a little meeting with the Bush-Clinton mafia usual suspects such as Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Ronald Rumsfeld, James Baker and perhaps even the man that Don Bush Sr. has called his son: Bill Clinton. Most will not speak much, but Trump knows his place and he will diligently take mental notes, and just like Barack in 2008 do what he is told.

Mr. Sanders, do us all a favor, have an epiphany, find your inner Pit-Bull/Rottweiler mix, fight and run as an independent!

Editor’s Notes: Gilbert Mercier is the author of The Orwellian EmpirePhotographs one, three, five and six by Gage Skidmore; composites two and seven by Donkey Hotey; photograph four by Dave Winer; and photograph eight by Lwp Kommunikacio.



5 Responses to If Bernie Sanders Is Real, He Will Run as an Independent

  1. Ron Spainhour May 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    I agree with most everything you state. If this were a democracy, it might make sense to run as an independent. But it is not a democracy, and the means of selecting a president when there are three or more, candidates getting enough electoral votes to cause the election to be thrown into the House of Representatives is a good example of the undemocratic nature of the Constitution. When no candidate gets a majority in the Electoral College (this is why a two-party system is the de facto label) and the election goes into the House, each state gets one vote for President. The politics of that situation goes right off the chart! States that had the popular vote going for one party can have that negated by the Congressional delegation being a majority from the other party and casting their one vote accordingly. To be elected, a candidate has to receive a majority of the state votes (26). The rural, agricultural, and sparsely populated states outnumber the urban industrial states. The smaller populated states tend to be Republican. If Sanders runs as an independent, most of his votes will come from the ranks of the Democrats. If no one gets majority in the Electoral College, the election goes to the House, where the Republicans dominate the majority of the Congressional delegations. Trump wins the election. The last thing that Sanders, Clinton, or anyone with a modicum of sense, is going to do is advocate a third party attempt and give the election to the ring announcer for World Wide Wrestling.

  2. gwen May 23, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    My understand it is too late to file as an independent and, if you were a part of a major ticket and lost, you also can’t go indie. Unless you know otherwise.

  3. Alfred May 24, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Please don’t denigrate Bernie when the blame of “empire” resides in the voting populace. Beyond the minuscule number of activists that keep with it the vast majority of Americans can’t be bothered beyond the campaign season every four years. Just look at the numbers of involved voters in the off years for confirmation.

    On one hand you paint Bernie with milk toast defamation but demand Bernie be a “pit bull” for your edification on the other hand. From square one Bernie has stated he and every other presidential candidate can’t do it alone. Perhaps you need to use your two ears more and your one mouth less. Bombastic derision accomplishes little.

    If what you propose is of any value what needs to happen first is securing the White House to prevent another generation of right wing nut justices in the SCOTUS. Then if the “political revolution” is of any value and strength build nation wide with more than a single candidate.

    Please stop breaking down what isn’t perfect so WE can get some good. Bernie has opened some eyes and perhaps some doors, build on that instead of throwing it all down the crapper for a misguided and egotistical attempt at an independent run for the presidency.

    • Richard Bluhm June 14, 2016 at 3:53 pm

      Sadly, at this point, we are over the cliff, and the trajectory is straight down. I’m tired of pretending that we’re flying. Yes, we got to the edge on our own two feet, but we had lots of help going over that edge.

      The system is corrupted: politically, governmentally, economically, culturally, … It constituted playing Russian Roulette with our children’s future for the sake of convenience. We drank the Kool Aid. In just a moment of geological time we will amount to a failed experiment because we will not do what we must do to run the Orwellian emperors out on a rail.

      I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but this system is incapable of preventing that big splat at the bottom of the cliff.

  4. change coming May 25, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    “Immediately the question becomes: who will run Trump?”
    The answer is frustratingly opaque. Trump has been making the presumptive kingmakers and the “serious analysts” look foolish – and it won’t stop after he’s elected. Times have changed, alright, and it’s Trump that’s the force for a lot of the change in this election cycle. He’ll be running “the usual suspects”; they won’t be running him. Put paid to the Bush/Clinton mafia. Come on over Sanders supporters!

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