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Allies Say “Get Over It” To American Fears Of Military Gays

If we are to believe John McCain and others, if I were a soldier and walked into an American military barracks, apparently my mere gay presence would so disrupt the entire unit that our government would immediately fall into terrorists’ hands, leading to the end of the world.


California’s First Harvey Milk Day Gives Us Hope

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay city official in the USA, elected by San Francisco citizens as a Supervisor (Councilman) for District 8. On 22 May 2010, California is celebrating the first official state holiday designated as Harvey Milk Day, honoring the first openly gay elected official in the USA.


Looking Back In 2065 At Gay Rights In The USA

Today, we shall consider the past 60 years of social progress in the rights of gay Americans. Starting from the rocky years of the early 21st century and concluding with the founding of the North American Union in 2064, we will examine historic events and social changes that proceeded from the late 20th century movements for the rights of African Americans, women, the elderly, gays, and transpeople.


Lesbians and Gay Men in Zimbabwe Face Brutal “Corrective” Rape

Gay and lesbian Zimbabweans are finding life and identity threatened and endangered by homophobic President Mugabe who uses thought police tactics to maintain power and control through the sexual abuse of lesbians, gay men, and others.


Flaming Purses and Holy Drag in a Burning House

In a church that sees nothing wrong with enforced celibacy, repressed sexuality, homophobia, relegating women to second class status, and covering up countless cases of child sexual abuse by priests, the smoking brazier of child sexual abuse has set the church house on fire.

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