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The Rise Of Stonewall 2.0

It is hard to be the one who is purposefully left out, to be excluded, to feel “less than” others, and relegated to some second tier of human citizenship. Americans get righteously – and rightly – upset about such things and lesbian and gay Americans – and our many and diverse friends – are very pissed off.


The Hall Of Famous Regressives

For being generally mean-spirited, small-minded, closed-hearted, inhumane, selfish, and for perpetrating emotional violence on the American people and the world, these folks and institutions have made it to the Hall of Famous Regressives.


A Rainbow of Gay Relationships Supported by Tech and Touch

Maybe it is safer and easier to be online than to confront climate change, a homophobic society, massive social inequity, a failed American government of four decades, a crappy economy, an uncertain job market, a global village filled with people who loathe what the USA has become, etc, ad infinitum nauseum


Will You Join Our Remarkable Army of Lovers?

One has to wonder why on earth we reach for the right to marry and to serve in the US military? Especially as viewed in light of the lack of federal employment, housing, education, credit, and the plethora of rights accorded to straights?

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