Iran Crisis: Updates From Mousavi

Mousavi/ Photo AFP

Mousavi/ Photo AFP

Mousavi has emerged as the key leader of  Iran’s “Velvet Revolution.”

Today, all over Iran Mousavi’s supporters were marching again in huge numbers to mourn the people killed in previous protests.

Mousavi is now asking for a new election to take place, not only a recount. He gives a regular news update to his supporters. On June 17, he had the following report posted on his web site.

The Guardian Council confirmed that they received complains, about 646 different violations, in the electoral process by Mousavi, Karroubi and Rezaei.

The Intelligence Ministry has identified and arrested a number of people for helping to organize the recent protests.

Mousavi is calling for a “truth finding commission” to investigate what he is calling “ballot rigging.”

The government has banned the press from reporting on the protest today.

The Iranian footballers, playing for a world cup qualifying game overseas, show solidarity with Mousavi by wearing green arm bands, they were told to remove them during the second half of the game.

This is Mousavi’s web site. He also has a photo feed account on Flickr.

Mousavi was Iran’s Prime Minister from 1981 to 1989, he dropped out of politics for 20 years. Unlike Ahmadinejad, he does not contest the existence of the Holocaust and wants to establish a dialogue with the Obama administration. This is Mousavi’s bio.


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