Obama’s Remarks On Iran Translated in Persian


By Gilbert Mercier, NEWS JUNKIE POST

On Tuesday, in addition of speaking about health care and his own struggle with quitting smoking, President Obama made a statement on the situation in Iran.

His tone was firmer and he used stronger language, saying that he was “appalled and outraged by the threats and the beatings.” He strongly condemned these unjust actions. He referred to the government methods as an” iron fist” to suppress the protests.

Yet, the President made it very clear that the US respect the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic, and had no intention to interfere with Iran’s affairs.

Some prominent Republicans, notably Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain, are critical of the President approach. Senator Graham went as far as calling the President “timid and passive” on the matter, and added that “He wasn’t acting as the leader of the free world.”

Obviously the White House didn’t want the words of the President to be “lost in translation,” and distorted by the Iranian regime for propaganda purpose. For this reason, they provided their own translation of the President’s remarks in Persian.

This is the transcript with the Persian translation.



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