Saudi Arabia Joins The Flat-Earthers On Climate Change


Saudi Arabia considers an ambitious climate change agreement a threat to its oil trade, and historically it has tried to prevent countries from reaching an agreement. For years, the Saudis had full support  from the Bush administration, and Republicans in the US Congress to maintain the status quo, and to derail any real progress on the issue.

Today, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came out swinging, heading an international chorus of condemnation against “flat-earth” climate change deniers who have tried to derail the Copenhagen UN sponsored conference by casting doubt on climate change and global warming. Sceptics in the UK, the US and Saudi Arabia are doing their best to capitalise on “climate-gate”. Putting their efforts to discredits the work of most scientists in the field by saying that human activities doesn’t cause rising temperatures. With the Copenhagen conference starting in a few days, Saudi Arabia and Republicans members of the US Congress have become political bed fellows on the issue, and are using the emails to claim that “the need for urgent action to cut carbon emissions has been undermined”.

“With only days to go before Copenhagen, we must not be distracted by the behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earth climate sceptics. We know the science. We know what we must do,” forcefully said Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In a statement, UK’s environment secretary Ed Miliband was even more  blunt, and called climate change deniers “saboteurs”.

“The approach of the climate saboteurs is to misuse data and mislead people. The sceptics are playing politics with science in a dangerous and deceitful manner. There is no easy way out of tackling climate change despite what they would have us believe. The evidence is clear, and the time we have to act is short. To abandon this process now would lead to misery and catastrophe for millions,” said Ed Miliband.

For his part, Ed Markey, the co-authored of the US climate change bill, directly pointed the finger at Saudi Arabia and big oil companies. He warned against allowing America’s political agenda to be hijacked by the email affair.

“We can no longer allow our climate and energy policy to be hijacked by the government of Saudi Arabia, Exxon-Mobil, and the defenders of the fossil fuel status quo,” said Markey.

Worldwide, only about 4 percent of scientists claim, against all evidence,  that we are just experiencing a “natural cycle”, and that climate is not impacted by human activities. It would not be surprising to find out that a large majority of the 4 percent of “scientists”, in question, are on the secret pay-roll of oil companies, coal industry or even perhaps Saudi Arabia’s government.


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