Copenhagen: 56 Newspapers In 45 Countries Speak With One Voice


Today, 56 major newspapers in 45 countries took the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice on the urgency to act on climate change and global warming through a common editorial. This extraordinary initiative from publications which usually compete for readership marks how critical Copenhagen is for the future of humankind. If our generation fails to act, our children and grandchildren will held us accountable for our stupidity and criminal neglect.

“Unless we combine to take decisive action, climate change will ravage our planet, and with it our prosperity and security. The dangers have been becoming apparent for a generation. Now the facts have started to speak: 11 of the past 14 years have been the warmest on record, the Arctic ice-cap is melting and last year’s inflamed oil and food prices provide a foretaste of future havoc. In scientific journals, the question is no longer whether humans are to blame, but how little time we have got left to limit the damage.

Yet so far the world’s response has been feeble and half-hearted. Climate change has been caused over centuries, has consequences that will endure for all time and our prospect of taming it will be determined in the next 14 days. We call on the representatives of the 192 countries gathered in Copenhagen not to hesitate, not to fall into dispute, not to blame each other, but to seize opportunity from the greatest modern failure of politics. This should not be a fight between the rich world and the poor world, or between East and West. Climate change affects everyone and must be solved by everyone.”

Meanwhile on the front of the pseudo controversy of “climategate”, which is still fueled by deniers, flat-earthers, Exxon-Mobile and Saudi Arabia, the British Meteorological Office announced today that it will release 150 years worth of weather data from around the world in support of mainstream opinion on global warming. The fact that the hackers posted the stolen information on Russian servers has led to suspicions that a highly sophisticated operation generously funded is behind the leak. It is very common for hackers in Russia to be paid for their services. The key question to answer is: Who paid the hackers?

While the connection between the hackers and a financial entity is still unknown, we do know specifically the ones profiting from the crime of derailing Copenhagen. On Monday, as the Copenhagen conference opened, the Saudi Arabian delegate said that trust in climate science had been “shaken” among experts and called for an independent probe.

“The level of trust is definitively shaken, especially now that we are about to conclude an agreement that is going to mean sacrifices for our economies,” said Mohamed Al-Sabban, Saudi Arabia’s climate negotiator.

To read the full common editorial on Copenhagen by the 56 newspapers click here.


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