Is Rahmbo Soon To Be A Dead Fish In The White House Fish Bowl?

Rahm Emanuel doesn’t have the reputation of being Mr. Nice Guy. Some have likened his character disposition to the one of a mobster. With the Eric Massa incident just revealed to the press, the White House’s Chief of Staff is in the spotlight again, and it could complicate the already difficult challenges and hurdles facing the Obama administration to turn the public opinion around before the 2010 elections.

Emanuel could become even more  a source of embarrassment and ultimately more a liability than an asset to the Obama administration. The left now wants him gone. Rahm Emanuel got his job because of his reputation of “getting things done in Washington”, yet what is remarkable is more what has not being accomplished in the first 14 months of the Obama administration than the other way around. So, the “can do” Rahm Emanuel image is becoming more a myth than anything else at this juncture.

Rahm Emanuel is a study in contrast to say the least. Years ago he was offered a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet Company, but instead he joined the Israeli army to fight during the Gulf war.

Is Rahm Emanuel A Lose Canon?

Beside the latest incident involving Eric Massa, Rahmbo has a long track record illustrating his bad temper, lack of control and ruthlessness and violent streak.

The Finger At Arby’s

While in his Senior year in high school, Emanuel badly cut his finger while working at a local Arby’s. But it was Prom night and Rahm was determined in having some fun. So instead of seeking immediate medical attention, Emanuel decided to go swimming in Lake Michigan. The blood and bone infection that resulted from this impulsive foolish act almost killed him.

Political Fundraising Mobster Style

Emanuel started his political career under the wings of the notoriously ruthless Richard Daley. Emanuel was one of Daley top fundraisers by using what amounts to threats and scare tactics. He would tell potential contributors he found their offers so low, it was insulting and he would abruptly hang up the phone on them. The scared donors would call back to pledge more.

Mailing A 2 1/2 Foot Dead Fish To A Pollster

Emanuel once mailed a dead, decomposing stinky fish to a pollster who came up with a poll not at Emanuel’s liking.

Stabbing The Dinner Table After Clinton’s Election In 1992

The incident took place while Clinton’s campaign staff was celebrating the election in 1992. Among those present at the table was George Stephanopoulos who watched completely puzzled as an unhinged Emanuel started ranting at a long list of Clinton’s “enemies”. As he shouted each names,he  frantically stabbed the table with a steak knife: “Nat Landon! Dead!, Cliff Jackson! Dead!” and so on.

Threatening A Head Of State While Working In The Clinton White House

During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Emanuel had some very strong words with Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, before an appearance Blair made with Clinton at a press conference. Emanuel is said to have told a shocked Blair: “This is important, don’t fuck it up!”

The Shower Incident With Eric Massa

The latest incident is one which took place at the House and Senate gym in Wshington DC with former Congressman Eric Massa. Eric Massa accused Emanuel last Sunday of threatening him in the shower of the gym over his vote against President Obama’s budget.

Eric Massa political career is over, he gave his resignation yesterday over an ethic probe. Regardless, Massa wanted to settle a score with Emanuel while leaving Washington.

“I am sitting there showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel….his finger in my chest and yelling at me because I wasn’t going to vote for the President’s budget. You know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man,” Massa told an Upstate New-York radio station on Sunday.

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