Michelle Bachmann Named to Intelligence Committee… Seriously, Stop Laughing

Twenty four hours into his post as Speaker of the House, John Boehner has thrown a bone to the Tea Party (as well as every comedian and satirist in the country) by naming Michelle Bachmann to the National Intelligence committee.  Famous for her over-the-top rants about Republican purity tests and Communist witch-hunts, Bachmann has provided a litany of factually incorrect sound-bites, and intellectually dishonest (or simply downright stupid) press releases.

Bachmann is perhaps the personification of the Tea party, know-nothing, reactionary politics.  The mixture of fear, ignorance, and zealotry, which exudes from her otherwise vacuous expression, may not engender the pin-up girl attraction that Teabaggers have for Sarah Palin, but there is certainly a connection on the psychological/emotional level.

Bachmann, who has also hinted at a run for President in 2012, will surely take this opportunity to grab more spotlight and camera time… and we will all enjoy that.

I can’t help but want to thank John Boehner for this gift.  To be able to look forward to Fox News anchors, and pundits, introducing Michelle Bachmann as an intelligence expert, is just too good to be true.  Perhaps, somewhere under that jaundiced hide, ‘Speaker Biliruben‘ likes liberals after all.

Please enjoy some of Michelle Bachmann’s greatest hits.?

A Compilation of Michele Bachmann’s Most Famous Quotes


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