US Election: Same Circus Different Clowns

The Republican National Convention and the Democrat National Convention are the political equivalent of “America’s Got Talent”. The two conventions should be about serious discussions concerning  issues and policies amongst the rank and file of both parties. They are not supposed to be about showmanship and performances, but in a country where politics have become spectacle, they are. Both Conventions are circus masquerading as democracy. It is all about giving a sense to the American people that they have a real choice, real options, and that their voice matters. But as matter of fact, the politicians/celebrities  who are in the limelight do the talking while the “little people”- the delegates- do the listening, and mostly the cheering, as if they were given laughing or clapping cue cards. Meanwhile, the “Big Guns” of the political theater are just figureheads working on behalf of transnational interests. Barack Obama is currently auditioning for an extension of his tenure as CEO of America Empire Inc., while Mitt Romney- already member of the board- is trying to move up the corporate ladder.

Up to the mid 1970s, both conventions had a meaning. Delegates were debating policies and issues. The events were not solely orchestrated shows where all the decisions had been made in advance.The Democratic National Convention was in full swing tonight, and the foot soldiers — AKA the delegates — of the Democratic party were stomping on their feet to give a standing ovation to President Obama; others following the speech and commenting about it on Tweeter had “total multiple #Obamagasm”. Every four years, it is the same grotesque  ritual of passage in what is supposed to be a democracy. Ten days ago, the Republicans had their own convention, which again is supposed to determine the candidate who will represent the party.

In both cases the “coronation” of each candidate was known in advance. In early February 2012, I made the forecast that Mitt Romney was going to be the GOP candidate. Was it hard to predict? No. Almost all political observers or insiders made the same assumption. American politics do not like surprises; they only have the appearance of democracy while things are rigged by background players for the benefit of America’s ruling class. Both Romney and Obama represent the same elite, they are both representative  of the one percent. US voters, especially those calling themselves “progressives”, falling in line to support Obama again, are delusional. What exactly is “progressive” about President Obama’s first term in office?

Is it the fact that from the get go he incorporated into his team the old Wall Street Clinton mafia with such characters as Larry Summers — a major player in the deregulation of financial markets? Is it the fact that he kept Bush’s appointee Ben Bernanke Chairman of the Fed? Is it the fact that none of the criminals, but generous political contributors, from AIG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, Countrywide etc. were ever held accountable for defrauding the American people of $700 billion? Or is it the fact that the Obama administration has a drone assassination program worldwide? Obama’s first term has been good for Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. The Obama administration has served weapon dealers very well during his first term in office. Between 2010 and 2011 US weapon sales tripled from 21.4 billion in 2010 to 66.3 billion.

Most “progressives” will end up voting for Obama on the premise that “he is not as bad as the other guy” and also because they are buying the argument hammered into their heads for more than a year now that “Obama needs more than four years to clean up the mess left by Bush”. But how is that supposed to work when Obama has surrounded himself with people that were major operators in the crash/Ponzi scheme of 2008? What Americans can “take to the bank” is that the next CEO of America Empire Inc. will give priority to the interests of his colleagues and friends sitting on the boards of the other mega-transnational corporations. Bill Clinton is likely to keep wearing his two caps of Governor of Haiti and world ambassador for Wallmart. Whomever wins this farce will ultimately serve the interests of the global one percent, not those of the 99 percent, despite promises to the contrary.

Editor’s Note: All illustrations by Donkey Hotey.


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