Sins of Omission: What the Mainstream Media Withholds About Ukraine


A European Union that includes Ukraine would ultimately be a favorable state of affairs, and few would contest this. A European Union that includes Russia would be even more advantageous as a check against United States imperialism. Unfortunately, and due to western actions, particularly those of the US, which ought to have no say whatsoever in European affairs, this likelihood has been pushed back for a decade at least, and perhaps even longer. British Prime Minister David Cameron returned last week from a meeting in Brussels, which he claimed to have been a success, but his face and demeanor told a different story. He definitely did not get what his US masters had demanded of him. The British Secretary of State, William Hague, too has been looking glum.


The quality of reporting about Ukraine in the United Kingdom has been abysmal. People who can still think for themselves no longer seek news opinion from the BBC and other major news channels because they are largely government propaganda. Brainwashing depends on how the news is presented, and many citizens are complacent enough to believe the incessant government lies. There has been a policy in reporting the crisis in Ukraine in which the truth has been ignored and misinformation has been the key ingredient. This is reminiscent of the days prior to the attack on Iraq, during which we were informed, on the basis of information supplied by crooked and disgraced banker, Ahmed Chalabi, that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and had a 45-minute delivery capability, which turned out to be utter and absolute garbage. What is Ahmed Chalabi doing today? He is a member of parliament and leader of the Iraqi National Congress.


The US has pursued a policy of regime change almost everywhere since the Second World War. This policy has affected countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Central America and Europe. Europe has remained relatively unscathed since the Kosovo war until the last four months, when the Ukraine crisis kicked off. Faith in the US dollar and checkbook diplomacy has led to the current state of affairs, although any attempt by western powers to alter the face of Eastern Europe, without outright military intervention, today looks doomed to failure. Nevertheless much damage has already been done by dollar diplomacy in Kiev.

Ukraine's towns where protesters raised Russian flags over government buildings.

Ukraine’s towns where protesters raised Russian flags over government buildings.

The new government in Kiev

The new government in Kiev is not a government of Ukraine, although that is what we are told by mainstream media (MSM) news. In fact it is an illegal government that has taken over the Ukrainian parliament. This was accomplished through rioting in the streets of Kiev and made possible through the murder of protestors and police. It is in fact a coup d’état funded by western money. Because of what the MSM have told us, it might be difficult to see this point of view, especially since this is what Russia has also been telling us. All right. Imagine this. If during the Tottenham riots, the rioters had been funded by outside money and provided with guns to storm the Houses of Parliament where sits a democratically elected government, and a mob took over parliament, ask yourself, would this be the legitimate government of the UK? If you believe in democracy, the answer would be no. Yet that is what has happened in Ukraine. And our governments support this mob rule.


Who initiated the riots?

Who fired the first shots in the streets of Kiev? Some things never become public knowledge, but there is an urgent need for an investigation into the cause of the riots. Something the MSM has not reported is a conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet, who had just returned from Ukraine, and EU Foreign Affairs Chief, Catherine Ashton. When the leaked telephone call was released last week on the internet, it suggested that the sniper who started the shooting appears to have been one of the protestors.  Catherine Ashton herself thought an investigation ought to be pursued into who opened fire on both sides. This news was buried as soon as it had been released and has remained buried since. Another important item of unreported news is that Sergei Pashinsky, a minister in the Yulia Timoshenko government, was captured accidentally on a protestor’s camera with a rifle and silencer in the boot of his car. You do not need to be Inspector Clouseau to work out where the investigation should start.


Yulia Timoshenko

Yulia Timoshenko (sometimes spelled Tymoshenko) was prime minister of Ukraine in 2005 and from December 2007 to March 2010 in a democratically-elected government that should probably bear more responsibility for economic difficulties in the country than the currently-elected Viktor Yanukovich government. Until the riots, Yulia Timoshenko was serving a prison sentence for misappropriation of funds, known elsewhere as stealing, and making herself rich at the expense of the people she is supposed to represent. Since the legitimate government was overthrown, Timoshenko’s husband has returned to Ukraine, but it is not known whether he brought back any of the missing money. If you do not believe that the new government is the same as the Timoshenko government, then ask yourself why one of the first things the rebel government did was to release Yulia Timoshenko from prison. She has countless bank accounts worldwide. Her disregard for ordinary people is reminiscent of Ahmed Chalabi, who ran off with billions of small investors’ money from the Petra Bank he set up in Jordan, a crime for which he was convicted in absentia but has never served a sentence.


The New Crimea

While the MSM was fast asleep or willfully complacent, a change took place in Crimea. The Crimean parliament detached itself from Ukraine with a declaration of independence on Tuesday March 11, 2014. This major event has met with relative silence from all but the alternative media. It is wishful thinking if, by ignoring a change of government, the west can make us think a change has not happened. On March 12, there was a dumbing down of reports about Ukraine. The new “government” is no longer getting the undeserved favorable attention it had previously received. Whether the MSM is keeping its powder dry for some new explosion of propaganda, or whether it has dawned on the west that, by supporting an illegal government in Ukraine rather than persuading the Ukrainian people that a new government is good for them, the opposite of its ultimate goal has taken place. The referendum on Sunday March 16, 2014 will certainly cede Crimea to Russia. Less than a month ago, this was regarded as a most unlikely event.

Editor’s Notes: Photographs one, two and five from Street Work. Photograph four from Pan African News Wire.



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