Pawn vs King: Cameron’s Dangerous Chess Game Against Putin


David Cameron is a protégé of Margaret Thatcher. She personally groomed him to become Prime Minister. It will be remembered that when Thatcher’s popularity was on the wane, the Falklands War revivified a flagging Tory Party and gave her another term of office. When people like Cameron and Thatcher have tasted power, they are loath to relinquish it. Tony Blair was no different, and the old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely would hold remarkably true, were it not for the fact that neither Tony Blair nor David Cameron had, or have, absolute power. Both are mere pawns in a grand scheme of three-dimensional chess.

The real power over Cameron lies in the banking families who own the mafia families that keep buying themselves political power in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. While Cameron is only a pawn, and as dispensable as all other pawns, he thinks he is a king. In truth he is not even a king’s pawn. Power has gone to his head. Thanks to his delusionary dictates, the United Kingdom is in grave danger, the gravest danger it has been in since World War II. Due to our subservience to the US and allegiance to NATO, we and Belgium have moved into unprotected squares and offered ourselves as a sacrifice in the greater end game. The wise pawns are Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande who have come to realize that the US is no friend to anyone except the US. They have moved onto protected squares.


Cameron, without any debate in parliament, has committed troops and weapons to the fascist government in Kiev. Currently led by Petro Poroshenko, this government stole power in a western-funded putsch in February 2014. The UK has eschewed democracy by supporting a regime that has brought the first civil war to Ukraine since 1921. In this war, grandiose and well-functioning cities have been destroyed and more than 6,000 lives have been lost. Such carnage never happened under elected governments in Ukraine, whatever the color of their political allegiance. It was only when the US did what it thinks it does best, that is, organizing and paying for regime change, that a civil-war began. Those who were supposed to have won this civil war have been driven back to where they came. The US end-game plan with Ukraine is to start a war with Russia, using the UK and Belgium as sacrificial pawns, and create in Ukraine itself yet another failed state and stalemate.

Last year, calmly and deliberately, in a move that would have flummoxed Gary Kasparov, Russia annexed Crimea, where it legally has a naval base. There was no invasion. It was the will of Crimean residents who voted in a referendum overwhelmingly to become part of Russia. Kiev tried the same bully-boy Right Sector tactics adopted in Odessa and Novorossiya. Their intent was to intervene and force the people of Crimea to serve the coup government, but as we know now, Russia was always one step ahead. Shortly after Crimea’s annexation, the USS Donald Cook was patrolling the Black Sea in waters where it had no right of presence under the Montreux Convention. This convention was amended in 1998 to meet Russian concerns. It would appear that, with the most sophisticated jamming weapon known, the AEGIS system on board, the USS Donald Cook was disabled and the crew left with blank screens.[1]


President Vladimir Putin, in a documentary screened in Russia on March 18 and 19, 2015, talked about the USS Donald Cook incident in which the battleship made a speedy U-turn before scurrying to a Romanian port, where apparently all the crew tendered their resignations or asked for transfers. In “Crimea – the road to a homeland”, Putin also mentioned a weapon that has not been seen before, which can be fired from a BASTION coastal defense system that boasts a Monolith radar, which no other country but Russia possesses. While President Putin has called for peace and helped to broker a deal over Ukraine together with Merkel and Hollande, he is also Commander-in-Chief of the Russian forces. He was ultimately responsible for introducing the BASTION coastal defense system to Crimea. Aleksandr Ostrikov, Deputy Commander of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet, said that this weapon was virtually undetectable by radar systems, and the missile it delivers could rotate and still reach its target with total accuracy even if it was behind a natural barrier like a mountain.[2]


NATO forces are currently advancing towards Russia. Do they know what is waiting for them? In this global chess game, have they considered what their opponent’s next move is likely to be? Vladimir Putin is not Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Vladimir Putin is not General Galtieri. Vladimir Putin is not President Saddam Hussein, but Mr. Putin’s country does have weapons of mass destruction. By closing in on Russia, is the west sure it can even control the middle of the board? Cameron clearly has not considered the future of his country, only his own future. He has offered himself as a sacrificial pawn to US global imperialism. Take me, he says. Sadly he can take other residents of this “sceptered isle” with him. What he fails to understand is that the UK is seen by Russia as enemy number one; at least Professor Igor Panarin considers the UK to be the main enemy.


Professor Panarin is a political scientist and former press secretary to Roscosmos (The Russian Federal Space Agency). On March 21, 2015, he released details of who the target countries would be if the west continued to stir up trouble in Ukraine and if Novorossiya was not given the promised autonomy under the Minsk protocol. Here is what he wrote about Russia, forestalling the threat of March 16, 2015, when Poroshenko’s government should have complied with the Minsk agreement but did not. Putin had just emerged from a short absence that created much speculation as to his health and whereabouts.


“After a lengthy spiritual isolation with the elders Vladimir Putin undertook some decisive steps which demonstrated the capability of Russia to conduct global war with the pro-British NATO block. The first of these began at 0800 on 16 March, with what is known as a ‘Sudden Strike’ from the Northern Fleet and gradually involved all the military forces of Russia – Russia is capable of going to war with NATO in levels of deployment of conventional weapons and in readiness to use nuclear weapons at any moment. These are global doctrines – the large-scale deployment of military capability on atomic submarines before the start of military action. Something similar happened in 2014 after the reunification of Crimea with Russia. The president of Russia during the course of an interview in the significant documentary ‘Crimea – The Road to a Homeland’ broadcast on the nights of 15 and 16 March overtly cut itself off from any path of retreat and reinforced its decisiveness by its relocation of atomic submarines with nuclear weapons for several hours to the shores of Great Britain – the main enemy of Russia. But 10 strategic warheads with the latest finned rockets were transferred to Sacred Crimea in preparation for carrying out strikes on the headquarters of NATO and London’s secret centre of government.”


This actually gives more information than the documentary and verbally threatens the two dispensable pawns: the UK and Belgium. Vladimir Putin is the Commander-in-Chief. On March 16, 2015, he made a move that only a chess player hell bent on suicide could ignore. Some of us probably have little idea of what London’s secret center of government comprises. The bankers behind this global chess game surely know. NATO has been daily delivering weapons to Ukraine.[3] There is an election coming up in early May 2015 in the UK. Cameron, whose knowledge of chess is about as advanced as that of a Chicago dice gambler, is prepared to put the safety of our country and population at risk by trying to stoke up more unrest in Ukraine. He has got to go. After all, he is only a pawn.






Editor’s Notes: Photograph one by Palestrina 55; photographs two and five from UK Prime Minister’s Office; photograph six by Dmitry Terekhov; composite image seven by Torley; and composite image ten by Martin.


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