Is It Time For ‘Hyper-President’ Sarkozy To Slow Down?


Today, French President Sarkozy was hospitalized at the military hospital of the Val De Grace. Earlier today, while jogging near the palace of Versailles, Sarkozy collapsed.

An eye witness speaking to Agence France Presse, on the condition of anonymity, said that “She had seen a jogger surrounded by bodyguards suddenly stumble and collapse in the wooded grounds of La Lanterne. Shortly afterward, French first lady Carla Bruni rushed to the scene on a motor scooter.”

According to Sarkozy’s chief of staff, the President “Is doing well, resting and talking normally to the medical staff.

The 54 years old Sarkozy will undergo cardiac and blood pressure tests tomorrow.

Sarkozy is an avid runner and cyclist. His political life reflect a similar hectic pace, style, drive and aggressiveness. His hyper activity, in all aspects of his life, has won him the dubious title of the “hyper-president.” Perhaps this medical incident will give the French president a clear indication that it is time for him to slow down a bit.


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