Afghanistan:14 Americans Die In Helicopter Crashes

wip082705Today, was yet another deadly day for American forces in Afghanistan as the blood bath continues. 14 American troops and civilians were killed in two separate helicopter crashes. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the downing of the helicopters, although a statement from NATO said that enemy fire was not the cause.

Seven soldiers and three embassy employees died in a crash which occurred in the Baghdis province in Western Afghanistan. In a separate incident, two coalition helicopters collided in Southern Afghanistan killing four soldiers. NATO said the troops were searching an area suspected of hiding insurgents involved in the drug trade.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, Afghans protested on the streets for a second day in a row after reports that foreign troops had desecrated a Koran by burning it. Yesterday, violent clashes occurred in Kabul between demonstrators and the police. Some demonstrators burnt US flags and effigies of President Obama and chanted the all to familiar “death to America”.

The violence is likely to increase as Afghans are preparing to go back to the polls for the second round of the presidential election on November 7. As US and UN officials say there will be less problems than in the first round, the Taliban are calling for a boycott and said that they are “fully prepared to defeat this process”. The Taliban views the election as a farce orchestrated by the foreign invaders.

“Anyone who participates and gets hurt will be responsible for their own losses. No one should participate in this American process,” said a Taliban statement. During the first round, in August, more than 200 violent incidents took place.


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