Only Two Percent of Scientists Are Conservative

A Pew Poll conducted not long ago demonstrates that a mere two percent of all scientists are conservative. Although apolitical by nature, the very scientific process has come under attack by anti-intellectual forces in America, leading a consensus of scientists to reject the main party of conservatism: the Republican Party.

These results come from a Pew Poll taken in July 2009, and speak volumes. 1 in 50 scientists are conservative, compared to 56% being liberal. About 1 in 20 scientists are Republicans, while over nine times that number (55%) are Democrats, and 32% being independent.

According to the findings: “When the leanings of independents are considered, fully 81% identify as Democrats or lean to the Democratic Party, compared with 12% who either identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP.”

For those who follow scientific topics closely, this comes as no surprise. Scientists have been pressured by conservative politicians and bureaucrats in the establishment very heavily throughout the years the Republicans controlled congress under the Bush administration. 85% of government scientists felt pressured not to report findings that conflicted with the Bush administration. Eighty five percent. Yet only 10% of the general public heard a lot about this.

Coming into an important midterm election year, the role that science will play is pivotal, and this is a battle of rational vs. irrational thought as much as it is a battle of Democrats vs. Republicans. The latter of both has been increasingly merged thanks to transparent propaganda emanating from conservative outlets such as talk radio, Fox ‘News’, and internet sites. For instance, consider the dominant views of Republicans on other scientific topics:

60% of Republicans are creationists
68% of Republicans are not at all concerned about Climate Change
23% of Republicans believe in natural evolution
38% of Republicans support funding embryonic stem cell research

This seems to delve deeper than a mere attack on science however, the conservative Republican Party strictly adheres to a wide variety of extreme beliefs. According to a recent Research2000 poll:

58% either think Obama is not a US citizen or are not sure
79% either think Obama is a socialist or are not sure
57% either think Obama wants the terrorists to win or are not sure
76% either think ACORN stole the 2008 election or are not sure
51% don’t think sex ed should be taught in schools
77% want public schools to teach god created the world as described in the book of genesis
31% want contraceptives to be outlawed
and many other views on social issues that are far out of the mainstream.

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  1. Wes Rackley February 5, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I have suspected that our strong political polarization has led to a polarization in a lot of other social characteristics as well.

  2. Liam February 7, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Great pic of the dinosaur!

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