Global Depression: It Is Time For World Citizens To Rise Against Shock Capitalism

After the United States downgrade in credit ratings, Wall Street plummeted today. Now the shock wave is moving quickly to Asia, at some point the market was down by 10 percent in South Korea. It will surely reach Europe when the markets will open. Investors on worldwide financial markets are panicking, as they always do, and hastily pulling out their money before  a global crash that some analysts expect could  make the  financial meltdown of 2008 look like a small glitch. The words of “global recession” are coming back out of the mouths of the so called financial experts and journalists.

Truth be told, the global economy never fully recovered from the recession which started in 2007, because no one, especially the United States, took the necessary corrective course: the politicians in Washington continued to cater to the interests of the banks and corporations  as million of Americans were getting kicked out of their houses; President Obama continued the abominable war mongering policy of George W. Bush while everyone comfortably sitting at the top of the food chain kept lining up their pockets. Since President Obama’s  election in 2008, the motto has been “business as usual” and let’s just maintain the status quo.

America, and the rest of the world, needed a visionary who could inspire and lead the country into a peaceful revolution. A man with the will power of FDR and the inspirational qualities of Martin Luther King. What America ended up getting is a clever, but gutless public relation /salesman working on behalf of special interests of all sorts: the banks, the oil companies, the industrial-military complex. America got a man prisoner of a system, a puppet of the interests of global capitalism.

The austerity measures did not work to stop many world economies to crumble under billions in debt. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and now Italy are either insolvent and bankrupt or on the brink of it. While Germany and France, the only two vaguely healthy economies of the EU are getting tired of bailing out the European countries in distress. Meanwhile, back in the US, Uncle Sam is printing money around the clock making the US dollar a currency getting weaker by the minute. Recently, self proclaimed  “left wing” capitalist George Soros decided to give money back to his investors, and it would be hardly surprising if he has already pulled out his own considerable personal assets from the stock market. Rich people worldwide are buying gold and silver, while poor people are told to tighten their belts when they can barely keep a roof above their heads or put food on the table to feed their family.

The usual suspects expert in  financial schemes  will tell you in the coming days that the 2007 recession was L shape and that we are still in it. Others will say it is a W pattern recession. Bottom line, they have no model to compare it to, and do not have any more clues than you do. But again, they will not tell the truth because they are told by their corporate masters that it would create a panic. They won’t use the term global depression, which is exactly what is unfolding in front of our eyes and will make the Great Depression of 1929 look like a walk in the park. They won’t tell you that the castle they built is not solid, but made out of sand and is about to be washed away by a big wave.

Citizens are rising worldwide against a broken system where they always end up picking up the tab. Revolting in Greece, in Spain, rioting in London for the second day. They are rising across the Middle-East against murdering autocrats, and the revolt will continue elsewhere. The global system of shock capitalism controlled by an handful elite is not even ripe, it is rotten, and it will only take a good shake on this dying tree to watch it fall. Let’s hope the global financial edifice do collapse shortly, because most people have already lost everything and have nothing left to loose. A global depression could be the final spark needed, a final catalyst to get world citizens to rise, take down a broken system and try to invent a better world. A global depression could be the best hope to trigger a global revolution.

Today, the world financial markets are crashing, London is burning. The question shouldn’t be why, we know why: the gig is up for shock capitalism run by and for global corporations controlled by a handful of people. This brand of capitalism has become the putrid milk in your fridge sitting there for six months, the gangrene infecting your leg which will kill you if the leg is not cut off. The only question is when. When will the rage exploding in London reach Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Madrid and Washington?


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