RT Interview of NJP Editor In Chief Gilbert Mercier on French Elections

RT interview of News Junkie Post Editor In Chief Gilbert Mercier on the recent French Elections and what it means for the Eurozone and Austerity.
Mercier outlines how the dislike of Nicholas Sarkozy was the central reason for the ousting his ousting, but in a wider context, is a rejection of the austerity measures imposed by both Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  He goes on to explain how this election represents a shift of power away from Germany.

RT inquires how much room François Hollande, the new PM from the Socialist Party has to maneuver.  Mercier explains that there is some room, but a lot of the reforms hinge on the sustained enthusiasm.

RT asks if the Eurozone Fiscal Pact will be reviewed despite German opposition, bringing up a potential rift in relations. Mercier goes on to explain that Angela Merkel is going to have to put “some water into the wine” to deal with the anti-austerity measures being rejected everywhere in Europe.

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