Is a Zionist Connection at Play to Frame Wikileaks’ Assange in Sweden?

By John Goss, Rafik Saley, and Okoth Osewe

As  News Junkie Post went live about the deplorable record of Sweden’s Ambassador to Australia Sven-Olof Petersson as a proponent of rendition, a three-month old story about an event to commemorate the holocaust was resurrected in his defense.[i] Specifically, on September 5, Mr. Petersson related to a small contingent of Jews, Australians and Americans how Sweden, as a neutral country, had aided a World War II evacuation of refugees from Budapest under the auspices of Raoul Wallenberg.[ii] By ‘chance,’ Mr. Wallenberg’s business had shared the same premises as the United States Embassy. The speech underlined Petersson’s pride in this achievement by Sweden. On the other hand, he appears to have neglected to mention how a supposedly neutral Sweden had supplied the Nazi war machine with steel, or how Nazi gold had found its way into Swedish bank accounts and the alleged culpability of the Wallenbergs in these undertakings.[iii]

Petersson’s involvement in a rendition in 2001 that led to the torture of repatriated Egyptian refugees Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery marks a sharp and incongruous contrast against the story he told about how Wallenberg helped Hungarian Jewish refugees to safety. If you are rich, you can re-write history, and the Wallenberg family appears to be doing just this. This year, tributes to Raoul Wallenberg have been going up all over the world.

As part of his tribute to the holocaust victims, Petersson, together with the Israeli ambassador to Australia, planted trees on the University of Canberra campus: an act aimed at keeping the ‘we were persecuted’ industry perpetually aflame. Of course war and its victims should be remembered for a respectable period. Few would disagree with this. Yet there are many more recent wars and many more recent victims whom the world should remember: victims from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and all other current conflicts in the world. These wars have created total chaos in the buffer zones around Israel.

The most interesting facet of Petersson’s Wallenberg address is its timing. The lecture was presented in September. The trees were planted in September. Curiously, the article on the topic appeared in print two days after the News Junkie Post condemnation of Petersson’s support for rendition and torture. Sweden’s ambassador to Australia has shown a clear and unremitting determination to serve the US by delivering Julian Assange to the CIA. It is significant that the first Jewish article (note 2, below), which contains a link to Petersson’s speech, made no mention whatsoever of Assange, whereas the one published on December 21, and titled “Meet the Swedish Ambassador,” does.[iv]

Whether Petersson actually commented on Assange is difficult to know. The second article might even refer to an address Petersson made to another Jewish audience, since the address was simply qualified as being ‘recent’. Regardless of when or if the comment was ever made, it consists of the same stereotypical repetition that has come to be expected from certain news outlets, including the mainstream ones, regarding Assange and the Swedish judicial system.

Petersson emphasized that the Swedish judiciary is independent from the government, so he cannot make specific comments on the case. However, he did strongly address the defamation against the Swedish judicial system by followers of Assange, and he pointed out that despite suggestions otherwise, while Sweden has an extradition agreement with the US, it cannot extradite a person for a “political” or a “military” crime, and not for any other crime, if the person runs the risk of being executed. He also stated that the criminal charges raised in Sweden must be addressed in Sweden, as any Western country would demand.[v]

Petersson should know about Sweden having an extradition treaty with the US because he signed it on December 16, 2004 together with US Attorney General John Ashcroft and other permanent European representatives from Finland and Belgium. The purpose of the treaty was to help the US with its illegal war on terror. The argument about the judiciary and government being separate keeps being touted about, despite those with an ounce of intellect knowing it to have no basis in fact. As in every other country, the judiciary is paid for by the government; in actual fact it is paid for by the taxpayer, but the government is the entity that disburses the taxpayers’ money to the piper. Therefore the government gets to call the tune.

Who did the independent Swedish government call to its aid in its attempt to prosecute Julian Assange on allegations to which he has already answered questions in Sweden and been acquitted of any charge? It is the firm of Borgström & Bodström. How independent is Mr Bodström from Mr Petersson? Not at all independent. In fact Mr Bodström was minister for justice when Mr Petersson was Sweden’s Director General for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both were privy to the rendition of the aforementioned Egyptian refugees, and both approved of the rendition that led to such abominable torture.[vi] How independent is Mr Borgström who is prosecuting this unbelievably flimsy case? He is friendly with Irmeli Krans, the police interrogator who now describes herself as a politician and who interviewed one of the women allegedly making allegations against Assange. This woman never signed the statement, and the interview went unrecorded. It is said Irmeli Krans allowed another woman who was allegedly making allegations, a friend of Krans, to sit in illegally on the interview. This is how independent the Swedish government is from its judiciary and police. Petersson knows all this. He cannot deny his own part in the rendition and torture of Egyptian refugees Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery, and others subsequently rendered, nor can Thomas Bodström deny his part in it.

Why is Petersson adamant that this questioning should take place in Sweden? It is hard not to suspect that a dirty clandestine deal has been done with the US: another of those deals that take place behind closed doors, like the one that got Jewish whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu locked up for 18 years. After serving this sentence, Vanunu was further detained under house arrest, and even now he is forbidden from leaving Israel. His ‘crime’ was the revelation that Israel had broken international law by having developed nuclear weapons. Following a tip-off from British quarters, the Israeli secret service Mossad picked up Vanunu in Rome in a ‘honey-trap.’ From there, he was transported to Israel. The rest is history.[vii] Vanunu had his freedom removed for telling the truth. This is almost certainly the basis of the secret agreement Petersson’s government struck with the US. It is essential to focus on this oft-repeated point, which although it is absolute nonsense, shows the determination of the Zionist-funded US government and its supporters to get Assange to Sweden.

Petersson also stated that the criminal charges raised in Sweden must be addressed in Sweden, as any Western country would demand.[viii] As well as this being blatantly untrue even with regard to Sweden, since Swedish prosecutors have on several occasions questioned people abroad on much more serious issues, there is a hint of something more sinister behind the determination. It does not take much brainpower to conclude that the CIA would pick up Julian Assange the moment he got off the plane and stepped foot onto the Stockholm tarmac. All the talk about Assange having questions to answer in Sweden is a red herring. Like Vanunu, Assange is another truth teller, a whistle blower, and therefore an enemy of those who make their livings from lies, deceit, war, rendition and torture.

Editor’s Notes: John Goss is a writer and researcher, United Kingdom; Rafik Saley is general secretary of the African Committee for Development in Stockholm, Sweden; Okoth Osewe is a journalist and author, he writes for Kenya Stockholm Blog. Photographs one and five by Carolina Georgatou. Photographs two, three, six, and seven by The Girl 78 and photograph four by Liam Fox.




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