Mousavi Accuses Regime Of Torturing To Obtain ‘Confessions’


Today, opposition leader Mousavi went on the offensive, and accused the authorities of using “medieval-era torture” to extract fake confessions from the protesters on trial.

Former president Khatami joined Mousavi in saying that the mass trial was in violation of the Iranian constitution.

Despite this, another 10 people were brought before the revolutionary court today. Both Mousavi & Khatami were accused today by the hardliners of leading a “velvet revolution”.

Mousavi made the following statement on his website: “The scenes that we saw were a clumsy preparation before the launch of the 10 TH government. They expect a court, which is fraudulent, to prove that there was no fraud committed in the election. They are trying to convince people of this by relying on confessions which obviously bore the hallmarks of  Medieval-era torture.”

Former president Khatami denounces the trial as well, calling it a “sham“, he said to day that “What was done yesterday is against the constitution, regular laws and rights of the citizens.”

The hardliners are now accusing both Mousavi & Khatami of “treason”; the newspaper Kayman, which is very much a propaganda mouth piece for the hardliners, had the following headline today: “Evidence of Khatami & Mousavi Treason Unveiled.”


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