Top Revolutionary Guard Official Wants Reformist Leaders Tried, Police Chief Admits Prisoners Abuse

3776391598_a94d2c2d1bToday, Yadollah Javani, a top official of Iran revolutionary guard said that a “plot to topple the Islamic  regime has been exposed,” he made the statement after the publication of an article in the weekly publication of the revolutionary guard.

In the article Javani denounced the velvet revolution and said:

The question is who were the main planners & agents of this coup, what is the role of Khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi in this coup? If they are the main agent, which is the case, judiciary & security officials should go after them and punish them.”

Diplomatic front

On the diplomatic front, the French government today is forcefully demanding the release of French national Clotilde Reiss and of an Iranian employee of the French embassy.Both of them  were brought to trial yesterday, alongside with an Iranian employee of the British embassy.

Admission of prisoners abuse

Today, an Iranian official has finally admitted  that some protesters detained in the election aftermath were abused and tortured while in detention. Iran’s police chief acknowledged that prisoners had been beaten while jailed at Kahrizak prison. However, he didn’t want to admit that the deaths of the prisoners were caused by the abuse.

Opposition leader Karoubi said that some of the prisoners were raped while in custody. He made the allegations in a letter sent to Rafsanjani about 10 days ago. Karoubi wrote:”Some senior officials told me that some young male detainees were raped, and also some young female detainees in a way that have caused serious injuries.”

The main question now, is what will be the next move of  Ahmadinejad, as he is still struggling to form a cabinet for his government. Does Javani statement mean that  arrests  of the reformist leaders are imminent, and in this case what will be the reaction of Mousavi, Khatami & Karoubi’s supporters?


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  1. Marcos August 9, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    You dont really care because If you did you would contest the elections in our own Country that Obama is not abel to hold office due to his birth status.

    • Gilbert Mercier
      Gilbert Mercier August 9, 2009 at 1:18 pm

      If you keep making comments, such as this one, that are completely out of the story’s context (Iran in this instance), we will have to delete your comments. New Junkies Post wants to be a completely open forum, but please don’t push the limits of our openness.

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